This is Safe Baby Club.

We get people who get outside – plain and simple. This is about gear, grit and connecting people to their passions.

Have you ever wanted to buy an outdoor product and been stumped about which product is best? Or, worse, bought a product only to learn later that you didn’t buy the right one for your needs? I have and I didn’t like it one bit! That is why I started (insert website/blog).

Our History

Humble roots, clear vision.

I have been in the industry for far longer than you think, and (website/blog) is the result of years spent reviewing and using every kind of daypacks available, from hiking backpacks to tactical packs, and receiving invaluable feedback from fellow adventurers on what they like, don’t like, and find utterly baffling about the outdoor gear they use.

Our roots were humble, and we’ve grown since then, but our vision is still clear: to provide the best outdoor gear—and to be the best at doing it.